Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coffee, Bagels and the News

Okay, today I put my bagel in the toaster and was trying to decide on cream cheese or butter (well, margarine). In a strange twist, I went for both! Cream cheese on one side and margarine on the other. After putting each respective spread on my raisin bagel of the day, I had the quandary of which to eat first. It became a tougher decision than one would think.

So my talk of bagel spreads is not just to tie in the recurring headline of this daily post, but rather to distract you from the fact that there is very little news to talk about.

The only real news from yesterday was the fact that Shawn Tucker's Rutgers career has come to an official and unfortunate end. While several news organizations have the story up, news broke late in the day, so there wasn't time for columnists to wax nostalgic about Tucker. Let me take a minute to say that Shawn Tucker is one of the nicest student-athletes I have ever met. With all the hurdles he had to face in his career, Tuck handled everything with class and character, always putting the team before himself. Always. I think we all hope that Tuck gets a chance to show the NFL scouts what he can do.

To read the full story, including Tuck's comments, go to and read it here.

(Oh, and if you care, it was cream cheese first. I stand by that decision.)