Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kiper on Leonard

In an chat (going on as this is being posted) Mel Kiper talked about do-everything back Brian Leonard.

Jason (NY): Mel, What did Brian Leonard's performance at the combine say to you about his prospect (TB/FB) and draft position status? Did his numbers and overall performance help, hinder or keep him level?

Mel Kiper: (1:32 PM ET ) I think he's a versatile fullback. He could be a one-back. He could be an H-back. There are a lot of ways to get him into the passing game. He's a versatile big back. He's not going to be ideal for every team. But if you have a coordinator and a defined way to work him into the equation. He's the kind of guy that certain coordinators that view as a guy that we need to bring in.

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