Friday, February 16, 2007

A New Era of Internet (Sort of)

For years, has been among the best college websites in the nation. If you can imagine, we have one webmaster, Colin Osborne, who takes care of everything from posting releases to updating biographies to filming, editing and streaming video content. The Athletic Communications office writes the releases, notes, etc. Colin does the rest.

Part of the benefit of having an in-house webmaster is that we can do a lot of different things that the assembly line, seen-one-seen-them-all college websites can't offer. The re-design in advance of the football season was a big endeavor, and we hope you've enjoyed the new look and content of the site. Well, there is more to come.

First, we are unveiling this blog. It's going to be a less formal way to get you all the important happenings around the RAC, Hale Center, Yurcak Field and everywhere the Scarlet Knights call home. Consider this site the business casual to the shirt-and-tie format of our mother ship. This site will mostly be maintained by some of our finest student and graduate assistants, and will offer a lot of neat things. Yes, neat.

Thanks for stopping in. Seriously, check back all the time, as we're hoping to get a lot of fresh content up here, including a weekly recap of events, posts from some of your favorite student-athletes, live in-game running diaries and a whole lot more.